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Bill Oldham

Founder & board Chairman

Bill Oldham brings more than 25 years as an entrepreneur, investor, executive and consultant supporting growth industries and high value clients across health, technology, financial, and energy industries.

Mr. Oldham has led many cutting edge and dynamic companies in a broad range of industries. From bringing fintech to the PBM space, to building two $100m companies from scratch, to managing global financial and health organizations – Mr. Oldham has led teams and projects bringing innovation and technical excellence across geography and industries. Mr. Oldham supports several startups with consulting and board level roles to drive business growth, develop strategy, and manage finance. 

Mr. Oldham’s career started on Wall Street working in the financial information services industry. Leading North and South American operations for a small technology company based in the UK, Mr. Oldham used technology to transform sales and service delivery, expand partnerships and networks and better support customers. Following this experience, Mr. Oldham has worked in financial, telecom, and healthcare industries including work in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. That experience, coupled with graduate education in the UK and Holland, has led to a belief system grounded in global experience.

Mr. Oldham then sought to combine his health and financial interests in the rapidly growing value based payments space bringing fintech to health.   In 2013, Mr. Oldham and a team of two other investors bought AscellaHealth, a long-term care focused pharmacy benefits manager with a strong technology foundation based outside Philadelphia.  With less than $1m in revenue in 2013, AscellaHealth has grown to manage over $300m in drug spend and more than $30m in revenue with strong profitability every year of operation.  A niche player focused on specialty pharma payments and rebate management, AscellaHealth is a leader in the value-based, transparency movement of PBMs.

In 2017, continuing to pursue fintech opportunities, Mr. Oldham founded CryptoCargo, a token-based, crypto currency solution. Mr. Oldham is a published author and speaker on cybersecurity, having led many projects across commercial and federal clients in security & cryptography applications, networks, and IT infrastructure. 

Mr. Oldham holds an BBA from Harding University with a major in Economics and a MBA in Entrepreneurship / Entrepreneurial Studies from Manchester Business School.