Project Spotlight

LA County Community Collaborative (LAC³)

Connecting Communities to Transform Lives


The opioid epidemic is one of the nation’s fastest growing public health concerns. While much work has been done, communities across the United States are struggling to come up with a coordinated, cohesive set of actions to effectively combat this crisis. As a microcosm of the rest of the country, LA County is uniquely positioned to lead the way for the nation. LA County is employing coordinated, community-based action to effectively combat this public health disaster. LA County’s history of collaboration, diversity and significant community assets are foundational to the community connectiveness needed at this time. 

The goal is to amplify and accelerate the great work being done throughout LA County and serve as an incubator for innovation. This will be achieved by continuing the efforts started by Safe Med LA, the countywide opioid coalition, to cultivate partnerships with public and private organizations throughout LA County, all with the common aim to build a sustainable network of entities that foster collaboration and coordinate action to improve the health and well-being of the community.

This multi-sector partnership in LA County is based on a process that organizes community resources, fosters public-private partnerships, and supports key stakeholder actions via a community-based collaborative. As demonstrated through Safe Med LA and as one of the most influential counties in the country, LA County exemplifies how a large county can develop successful outcomes-based efforts and will be an exemplar of the power of collaborative efforts. In doing so, LA County will drive a forward-thinking, community-based case for policy makers in Washington DC to shape decisions that impact communities across the country.


Navigating Political Landscape with Key Linkages and Spheres of Influence

This effort aims to navigate through the political landscape and connect the dots across local, state, and federal levels. This collaboration can speed adoption of a full spectrum of solutions in the areas of opioid supply, demand, rescue, recovery and reintegration. Our key linkages and spheres of influence include the U.S. Congress, the White House, Executive Branch Agencies, State and Local Government, and targeted stakeholder groups.

The opioid crisis and the subsequent attention garnered in all sectors fosters a burning platform for positive change. By providing support, you can help drive a community-driven response to the opioid crisis, creating a culture of health and agility that inoculates LA County communities against future threats to community wellness.

Learn More About LAC³

To learn more about LAC³, download our short program overview. Also available for download is our White Paper, LAC³: Connecting Communities to Transform Lives.

This White Paper explains our Theory of Change and dives into our proposed solution of amplifying asset-based community efforts and the Way Forward through the LAC³ partnership to create a collaborative for community resistance to the opioid challenge.