Economic Empowerment

Creating jobs and opening new markets to global trade

Small to medium-sized businesses are key to local and global economies, yet they experience a significant struggle to expand their businesses into global markets because current regulatory compliance requirements carry an overhead cost that only large businesses can easily support. Lack of participation of the small to medium-sized businesses in global markets has created a global gap in supply and demand that will not be satisfied without finding a path to allow participation by businesses of any size and location. 

TLI has invested in creating this path because of the opportunity that it offers for the small to medium-sized businesses, especially when we focus on the emerging markets in Africa. Solving this problem will have local and global impact.  Locally it will be a pathway out of poverty by creating jobs and allowing the growth of business. Globally, it will close the gap between supply and demand and open new markets to global trade.  

TLI has completed several projects that contribute to local and global economic empowerment:

  • Architecture and design of a commercial data center in East Africa
  • Feasibility study and design of blockchain solution for global trade finance
  • Concept paper for global trade finance bank