C2F – Global. Trade. Simplified.

Trade finance and supply chain finance (SCF) are largely paper-driven and manual processes, exhibiting high rates of market share concentration among the top bank providers. The cost, complexity and operational risk involved in sustaining a trade financing capability has long motivated banks to outsource the operations function. Significant risks and inefficiencies inherent to the traditional trade finance model limit the size of the market, restricting participation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in global trade finance, adversely impacting the growth of global commerce.
TLI is partnering with Quarterdeck Trade Technologies (QTT), a global trade finance solution leveraging blockchain for the $18 trillion international trade industry. TLI developed an architectural model, staffing model, budget, and business plan for a blockchain solution to trade finance issues being experienced by small to medium enterprises, especially in emerging markets such as Africa and Asia; the current focus of QTT is Africa. The Quarterdeck Trade Technologies (QTT) platform solves the burden of documentation, insurance, currency risk, and settlement hassles — all securely from point of production to point of sale.
The blockchain solution proposed by Quarterdeck Trade Technologies (QTT) will address existing issues with shipment delays and damage, spoilage of shipped commodities, documentary delays due to almost purely paper-based processes, documentary fraud also rampant because of the almost pure paper-based process, and the high cost of financing transactions to small businesses.