Individuals and organizations are invited to apply to this distinctive awards program recognizing outstanding innovation and excellence to improve or transform health, advance educational opportunities and support economic empowerment.

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Ignite Innovation Award

Honors excellence and practical application of an innovative new product, service line or project development, human-centered design or transformation process through a pilot or prototype program or a marketed product designed to advance health, education or economic empowerment in the United States.

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Oldham Family Thought Leadership Award

Honors individual or organizational excellence and leadership in the innovation and transformation of health, education or economic empowerment in the United States.

These awards reinforce our commitment to transforming the human condition in a significant way.


TLI continues to seek new partners and foster those who share our devotion to innovation, collaboration and the implementation of ideas and approaches.

 Together, we expect to solve issues in a way that is deeply human-centered and empowering for individuals and communities.



Formed in 2011 as a 501(c)(3) organization, we support transformational change projects across healthcare and education.

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We work in public and private sector roles to enable greater research, transformation and collaboration in a “safe space.”


We enable leaders to envision solutions to difficult problems, facilitate implementation, and help to determine the measures that matter most

The Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation is a “do-tank,” not a “think tank.”