Research Support Services

Scientifically Objective. Staunchly Independent.

We connect the dots between research and practice.

Rigorous, nonpartisan, and evidence-based research is the foundation upon which all of our work rests. We provide objective, third-party analysis of research evidence and assists those making evidence based decisions in health care. Our services include conducting quantitative and qualitative research, providing data access and analytics, facilitating forums and symposiums, and managing strategic operational projects and programs. We bring expertise in evidence reviews, systematic reviews, synthesis of evidence, management of working groups, and facilitating focus groups.

Unique capabilities and expertise in mixed-methods evaluation approaches

Using rigorous processes for evidence review and analyses drawn from methods such as Cochrane Collaboration, the Institute of Medicine and RAND, we have integrated and streamlined these processes allowing greater flexibility, speed and bias reduction in the evaluation process. Example methods include: 

  • Utilizing a team-based approach to capitalize on resources 
  • Involving diverse stakeholders to ensure maximum relevance and translatability
  • Enhancing and streamlining review methodologies to ensure rigor and reliability
  • Synthesizing and interpreting the data to find meaning
  • Assembling expert panels to bridge the gap between evidence and knowledge 
  • Research Expert Panels to prioritize and set future research agendas
  • Appropriateness Panels to determine when care is appropriate or inappropriate
  • Implementation Expert Panels or Policy Expert Panels to make evidence based judgments to direct implementation of a practice.

Our streamlined processes allow greater flexibility, speed, and bias reduction, and have been published in the peer-reviewed literature, taught in workshops, and implemented across the DoD, VA and civilian and academic sectors. Our approach to evaluation of healthcare claims influences product regulation at the local, state and national levels; our work regularly impacts the national discourse around healthcare and wellness policies.  

TLI Foundation’s approaches have been used by clients for:

  • Funding agencies and researchers to determine priorities for primary research based on the evidence gaps
  • Clinicians to make decisions for the care of their patients
  • Health insurance companies to decide what therapies to support
  • Military organizations to make decisions on health care policies that affect military members
  • Agencies to support policies regarding food, supplements, drugs, products and non-pharmacological treatment options
  • Associations to further the services of their members via policy and education
  • Primary care organizations and hospitals to formulate standard guidelines for care of patients
  • Consumers to make decisions regarding their own or their loved one’s care

Our experience includes: 

US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) Metabolically Optimized Brain (MOB), Hyperbaric Oxygen for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

We presented evidence in a transparent fashion to all stakeholders, allowing for a level playing field to understand the current state of the evidence, where the gaps exist, the strengths and weaknesses. Recommendations were made for next steps in research through this process as well as for its potential use amongst certain populations. The trusted evidence generated and recommendations are now being used to prioritize next steps needed for the Department of Defense. 

The Consortium for Health and Military Performance’s (CHAMP) Human Performance Resource Center

We conducted evidence reviews to evaluate whether particular interventions could enhance human performance and if they have particular relevance for military populations. We assessed the quantity, quality and effectiveness of the particular intervention, convened diverse subject matter experts to synthesize the evidence to make recommendations regarding the intervention’s usage, and outlined next research steps to address identified research gaps. 

Department of Defense (DoD) Congressional Directorate

DoD were interested in complementary and integrative medicine therapies which are better suited for addressing complex presentation of symptoms through a more biopsychosocial and holistic approach.  Over the last several years, various thought leaders within the DoD have utilized TLI Foundation’s systematic evaluation services to understand which interventions are most promising and ready for implementation. 

Massage Therapy Foundation

Massage Therapy Foundation approached TLI staff conducted a systematic evaluation to determine the current state of the science regarding massage therapy’s impact on pain and function-related outcomes. We presented the evidence to make recommendations regarding the usage of massage in the investigated populations and outline next steps for the research community.