TLI’s mission is to advance the transformative development and delivery of healthcare, education, economic empowerment, and innovation.

We partner with other entities from industry, academia, government, and the nonprofit community to explore new approaches to problems.

We appreciate that we live in a world characterized by VUCA—one marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—so we understand the need to explore the untried…to be open to finding the unexpected…to taking a systems-type approach to problem solving.

We understand how to integrate science, technology and strategy for public benefit.

Our experience gives us in-depth knowledge and understanding in each of our areas of interest. When we sit down to address an issue we bring an intellectual dexterity no one else can match. We know the issues…we know where the landmines are…we understand the ramifications that a single change can have upon systems that are this complex and interdependent.

How We Do It 

Define the Vision…

Facilitate team-building events, convene workshops with experts, host focus groups

Provide Leadership to Implement the Vision…

Develop strategic paths towards the vision

Engage Communities and Key Stakeholders…

Organize community resources, public-private sectors, key stakeholders, and other entities together to come to shared vision and action in order to solve the problem

Provide Robust Evidence for Actions…

Analyze data to determine the best course of action to achieve the vision

Architect the Solution…

Employ technology to communities to bring equity to individuals

Migrate from Current State to Vision State…

Validate current and vision state; perform requirements and data analysis; develop evidence-based solutions and metrics

Identify Streams of High Value…

Perform value analysis, care redesign, and systematic reviews; review workflow to support BPR and activity-based costing

Affect Culture Shift…

Improve human resilience, holistic view of military readiness, improve work-life balance, measure and report success




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Coordinated, Collaborative Asset-Based Community Engagement


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