100 Million Healthier Lives blog

Sharing a mission to create a pervasive culture of health

The Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation’s (TLI) is now a member of 100 Million Healthier Lives, an unprecedented collaboration of change agents across various sectors who share a mission to fundamentally transform health, well-being, and equity – and get at least 100 million people living healthier lives by 2020.

This audacious goal aligns with our efforts to spark transformation and cultural change in healthcare, education or economic empowerment at the community level.  

100 Million Healthier Lives is working to advance a shared ecosystem that connects people, organizations and networks around the world. Together, we hope to develop solutions to the most intractable challenges that thwart better health, well-being, and equity across the globe.

Changing the World in Meaningful Ways

By joining 100 Million Healthier Lives, we plan to develop and share key frameworks and tools that change mindsets and behaviors to create a culture of health. Membership will enable us to better connect with other member organizations and individuals, align our work, share assets and build synergies across networks. We will also share in spreading and scaling proof points, connecting technology tools and other support systems that are effective for tracking progress and developing national strategies across organizations and communities to sustainably improve health, well-being, and equity through system change.

In the five years since launched, members of 100 Million Healthier Lives have started changing the world in meaningful ways, working together -- with children, veterans and seniors -- on topics from nutrition and mental health to education, homelessness and much more.

Shared Vision

We are devoted to turning the tables on chronic disease and disrupting structural inequities in health and well-being outcomes. We recognize that communities and the nation need a profoundly better approach to bring real change across sectors in a way that effectively addresses the physical, social and behavioral contributors to health.

We also share the understanding with other 100 Million Healthier Lives members that no single organization or initiative can achieve such lofty goals alone. For this reason, collaboration is the cornerstone of TLI, joining forces with like-minded organizations to learn, innovate, improve and foster fundamental change to current thinking around health. 

If you align with TLI’s beliefs and wish to donate visit: https://www.thoughtfoundation.org/donation