TLI Joins Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

Mutually beneficial collaborative partnership

As part of the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation’s (TLI) mission to help communities across the country build coordinated, cohesive action plans to effect change and make meaningful change in their communities, we have joined the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.

As the largest and most influential business association in Los Angeles County -- representing more than 1,400 members and more than 650,000 employees of every size across 35 industry sectors in L.A. County -- the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in our region, serving as a trustee for the current and future welfare of the region.

A Natural Alliance

We view membership in the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce as a way to engage more closely with the community, become more deeply connected with the markets we serve and build relationships with other businesses in the community.

With our shared vision of producing positive results for the common good in L.A. County, we also plan to share news, ideas and best practices with fellow member organizations and gain better knowledge of the resources needed to best serve the community.

What TLI Brings to the Table

Through this membership, we hope to continue our efforts to spark transformation and cultural changes in healthcare, education or economic empowerment at the community level by engaging thought leaders in corporate sectors to address intractable problems that plague Los Angeles communities.

Only a community-minded approach can solve the complex issues that affect us all. Communities must pull together and develop new, impactful strategies, build a united front toward implementing meaningful change, pool resources and share ownership of the results.

As experts at identifying opportunities to improve the human condition in a significant way, we apply a laser focus to critical areas of society to better lives, communities and the nation as a whole.

As champions of economic prosperity and quality of life for the Los Angeles region, the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce is a perfect fit and together we will promote collaborative efforts and help members grow.

If you align with TLI’s beliefs and wish to donate visit: